Hexagon Radio Episode 200 ft. My Mom

Can’t believe we already reached 200 episodes of Hexagon Radio! Millions of people in dozens of countries tune in to our show every week and we (Hex and myself) couldn’t be more proud of the impact we made so far. We promise we will keep putting our heart and soul into the show for the years to come.

For Episode 200 wanted to do something special so I invited my Mom, played her some of my (lesser known) songs and shared the stories behind them. Shoutout to you for helping me with the show Mom: LOVE YOU. Hope you guys enjoy this special episode!

A Better Future


The BETTER FUTURE tour has officially ended. I have seen cities I have never been before and learned a lot about human nature, both positive and negative. It was an adventure that came with many challenges, to say the least. But in the end seeing so many smiling faces and working hard for an important cause made it all worth while. Thanks so much to everyone that was a part of this. I hope we will all move forward with the desire to contribute to a BETTER FUTURE, because life is short and together we can actually make a difference if we open up our hearts and give it a try, even if it's simply through treating every single person with kindness and respect. We all fight our own battle each and every day. Everybody's somebody, nobody's nobody. Love you guys.