Don Diablo - Mezelluf (Remix ft. Sha Stimuli)

Dutch TV network BNN invited me on an adventure to travel to an unknown destination for their new TV show "Hit The Road", to make a remix of one of my tracks with another artist, on the spot and in just two days. That unknown destination turned out to be NYC and that other artist turned out to be Brooklyn based rapper and allround nice guy Sha Stimuli with whom I also had to perform the song at the end of those two days (!).

It turned out to be an inspiring adventure where I had to improvise more than I have ever done before, but also made new friends and stretched my own boundaries. Check out the end result of this journey below, pay special attention to the kids I met at the park in Brooklyn...singing a final chorus at the end of this remix to complete this brand new version of "Mezelluf".

Update, BNN have just made a little video edit for the track with footage of the TV show, check it out below

TAGS: POSTED ON: October 10th 2012

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